Why a Tanning Bed is Better Than the Sun

September 25, 2014

If you want a tan, you have two main options – use a tanning bed or rely on the sun. Tanning beds aren’t only more convenient, tanning beds are also considered safer than the sun.

While there are definite tanning bed risks, using the sun to tan your skin has even more risks. The good thing about tanning beds is you are in control. You can set the level for the tanning bed and you can control how long you stay in the tanning bed. Additionally, it’s easier to use safety precautions such as tanning bed lotions and tanning goggles in the controlled environment of a tanning bed.

With tanning beds, it’s much easier to put yourself on a consistent regimen since. When relying on the sun, you have many external factors out of your control. Although tanning beds aren’t 100 percent safe, you are at least better able to manage the care of your skin.

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