Give More Info When You Schedule to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Appointment

May 18, 2015

When you schedule an appointment you want to get the time and attention you deserve, right?  The more you tell the receptionist when you make your appointment, the better they can schedule your time with the stylist.  We have compiled a list of points to tell the receptionist to help us schedule you for the right amount of time.


1. Roots. “Just my roots” is a very general term that may not actually cover what you need to have done.  A root touchup means a single color  application on 4-5 weeks of hair growth (of the same color you have currently).  If you have highlights already you need to express that when making your appointment.  You don’t wanted to be shorted on time for your hair to process.

rootsroots with highlights

Single Color Roots                                                          Roots with Highlights                                               extensive roots

No Longer Just Roots- Full Color

2. Highlights.  If you are getting highlights, the stylist will need more time to apply your color.  Are you just touching up current highlights?  Are you adding a couple highlights?  Are you highlighting your whole head?  Are you going for an ombre look?

3. Changing Color.  If you are completely changing your current color or have never had your hair colored before, we need to know.  What color are you now?  What color do you want to be?  We highly recommend scheduling a consultation before a drastic color change so you and your stylist can both formulate a plan and schedule accordingly.

4. Vivid Colors. The crayon colors are all the rage lately (blue, red, green, purple, pink, etc.), but they also require more application time.

Vivid Colors

5. Haircut.  Many times people say they just want a trim.  Like “roots” this is a general term that needs more explanation.  Are you freshening up a current cut?  Do you want a new cut?  Are you adding layers? If you said yes to any of these, you are not getting a trim.

6. Style. There are quite a few variables that can affect the amount of time you needs for styling.  How long is your hair? Thickness? Texture?  Are you just getting blowdried?  Do you want it flat ironed?  Do you want it curled?

Hair Length and Texture Chart

Most importantly BE HONEST.  If you don’t give us accurate information, the stylist cannot give you the time and attention you expect.  We understand that sometimes you change your mind, but give us a call and let us update your appointment. If you are not sure what you want or of how to answer any of the questions above, schedule a consultation with your stylist.  They will be able to analyze what you have and what you want to schedule your appointment correctly.

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