Choosing the Right Indoor Tanning Lotion

February 16, 2015


Many times we are asked to make suggestions for the best tanning lotion.  There are many elements that go into choosing an appropriate lotion for your skin and the tan you wish to achieve.  With the ever-changing and increasing number of lotions on the market, it is best to understand what the different types of lotion offer.

  1. Basic Accelerator (Also Called Intensifiers or Activators)

If you’re a new tanner with really pale or sensitive skin, it would be wise to start with the basic accelerator as this contains great anti-aging elements like CoQ-10. For exceptionally dry skin, an aloe based formula with moisturizing hemp seed oil works best.

  1.  Bronzer

The most popular among all categories, bronzers come in three types, namely immediate, delayed, and melanin enhancing. Immediate or natural bronzers are designed to encourage the tanning process and establish a base tan.  They build a darker natural tan without the use of DHA. Delayed bronzers are give an extra boost of color for faster visible results and help keep the color longer. Melanin Enchancing Bronzers, the newest in color enhancement technology, are meant to be low maintenance, enhance darker natural color, and maintain color longer.  Whichever you choose, the two main important things to make sure of are applying this lotion evenly to achieve your desired bronze shade and wiping your hands off as soon as you are done to avoid streaking your skin.

  1. Tingle

This type of indoor tanning lotion ranges in intensity depending on the amount of benzyl nicotinate which stimulates and increases microcirculation of the skin.  This lotion is meant for advanced tanners with a strong base tan.  It should not be used on the face or on sensitive skin as it may cause reddening and irritation. Refrain from touching another person and make sure you have rinsed your hands if you are using this lotion. Despite its negative side effects though, it remains to be the most effective among all kinds because when combined with a good bronzer, you are sure to achieve that beautiful dark tan.

  1. Facial Tanners

Facial skin is a lot thinner and sensitive compared to your body skin. Take note that most indoor tanning lotions are not formulated to be used for face application. There are special tanning lotions designed just for the purpose of facial tanning so it would be wise to go for these products. You can also apply SPF to protect your face and dab a good makeup bronzer to get that perfect golden glow.

  1.  After-Tan Moisturizers

These are add-ons to your lotion purchase. Go for one that’s a non mineral-oil based moisturizer and make sure to apply it within five minutes of getting out of the tanning bed.  Many of these moisturizers are designed for specific skin types, so be sure to check the label.


Once you have decided what type of lotion you wish to purchase, you may want to buy a sample packet and try it out before spending the money on an entire bottle.  Generally speaking, the higher the price of a lotion, the more accelerator or bronzer it contains.  If you are unsure or need advice, speak to the tanning sales representative at your tanning salon.

Happy tanning!


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  1. It is important to get the right product for you. This is great information to help one make the perfect choice. Thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Laurie — February 12, 2016 @ 8:43 am

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