15 Things Your Stylist Wished You Knew Before Coming to the Salon

November 30, 2015


Your hairstylist may be a magician, but psychic they are not. There are plenty of things that your stylist wishes you knew before coming in for an appointment. Sure, they’re capable of transforming your strands into your dream color or cut, but they often need a bit of direction from you first. In a perfect world, they would be creative creatures who lived only to make wearable art. How is it, then, that we so often leave the hair salon frustrated, our hairdresser wishing we had a bit more knowledge? Because in the (imperfect) real world, we walk into salons living in a fantasy. We think we can get fabulous hair dye and a complete style makeover in under two hours and for less than $200. Prepare to be educated, ladies.

Jayne Matthews, owner and stylist at Edo Salon in San Francisco’s hip Lower Haight District, has been doing hair for over two decades. She was kind enough to share what hairstylists wish you knew before you walked through the door and sat down in their chairs.

1. Instagram Photos Are Part Fantasy
Instagram is the romance novel of hair pictures: totally glamorous, but not real life. Everything, from the angle to the filter to the sometimes shameless Photoshopping, is staged. Your new ‘do will look fabulous, but it may not look exactly like your Instagram vision. So be inspired, but also be realistic about outcomes.


2. Bring In Lots Of Photos
The more pictures you can bring in, the more a stylist can hone in on the vibe, texture, and color you want. It’s like having a visual conversation.

3. Be Honest About Wanting A Change

Stylists cannot read your mind. If you want to change what has been happening, then talk to them! Don’t keep quiet ’cause you’re afraid to voice your opinion. This is your head, and a stylist’s end goal is for you to be happy.

4. Creative Colors Take Time, And Can Get Expensive
Blue hair may be partly inspired by punk rock styles, but they involve so much more than a bottle of Manic Panic. The elegant and modern-day versions involve a lot of time, work, and skill. Consequently, they can be expensive.


5. Rainbow Ombres Are A Big Commitment
Money-wise, time-wise, and upkeep-wise, a peacock of colors is a serious investment. Expect to be in the chair for at least five or six hours, and to spend upwards of $500. Having previously-dyed hair that needs to be lightened before it can take a new color will up the ante. Matthews recommends researching the cost, time, and upkeep involved before arriving at your salon expecting a magical transformation in two hours.

rainbow hair

6. Corrective Color Also Takes Time
If you had a tragic case of mismatched drugstore-dyed hair and roots and need a professional rescue, it might be a big, expensive project. Make it clear what has happened, what you want to have happen (bring pictures!), and for the best results, schedule a (generally free) consultation so that all parties know what will go down.

7. Trendy Colors Fade Fast
Any color that is not a brown or a blonde (think pink, silver, blue, etc.) may be gone within as few as five washes. For it to look fabulous, it needs to be retouched at least once a month (Matthews updates her pink nearly every week). Often, you can buy the color from your stylist to retouch at home, and go for a professional redo every other month. These fun, playful colors require maintenance.

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